Writing culture

Remote companies are going to draw in the most talented people. As teams grow, they also need to spend more time maintaining communication. A team of 3 people needs just 3 lines of communication; a team of 11 people will need a whopping 55 lines of communication, and a team of 14 people will need […]

Your future, one post at a time

“On a very long timescale, the entire future of every business is determined one warm intro, cold LinkedIn-outreach, or engineering blog puzzle solution at a time,” Byrne Hobart closes a recent post, The Counterintuitive Economics of Hiring.  Anything you, your company, or your team puts out there can lead to an unexpected butterfly effect and […]

Documentation debt

You’ll know it when you feel it; too many meetings, too much management overhead, and hiring more people isn’t really producing as much output as it should be. This is caused by a debt of documentation; when the people on the team have spent too much time working in the business, and not enough time […]

Recent discussions of my work

It’s been a busy time here, I’m sifting through a lot of comments and ideas from one recent discussion of my work, and a research question I asked: Don’t think to write, write to think at Hacker News “Has a corporate engineering blog made you want to join the company?” at r/experienceddevs It’s been exciting—starting […]

How to distribute your writing

A friend approached me a week ago or so with a really great long-form article he’d published. 3,000 words, really in-depth, oozing industry expertise. I wasn’t even part of the industry and I enjoyed it. He asked me for suggestions, and my main question was: What’s the plan for people finding this piece? Our minds […]

Executives who can execute

Some companies need their executives to merely make good decisions; they take in information, influence budgets, and hire.  These same companies—usually huge ones with tens of thousands of employees—are the ones who max out their headcount and hire contingent workers and freelancers, agencies and services companies, and research companies, to actually do most of the […]