Put your name on it

It’s easy to hide behind a business name, a perception of mystique, or an obscure pseudonym. There are great advantages to this. One disadvantage is, if you don’t talk about yourself, you don’t end up actually putting yourself out there. You can’t bet on yourself, because you didn’t even make your bet yet. (Paraphrasing something […]

#The100DayProject 2023

Last year, as part of #The100DayProject, I started writing every day here at my blog for 100 days. That habit has extended to today. It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever tried, and I’d highly encourage you to do the same.  This year’s #The100DayProject starts February 22, 2023! 

Practice vs. perfection

If you’re wondering if you should’ve signed that email off differently, or worried that you didn’t convey a certain detail the ideal way, or if this is your only shot at something, you’re missing the bigger picture.  When the stakes feel too high, something is off. Perfection shouldn’t be the expectation for a positive outcome.  […]

My new website!

A lot of my best stories, experiences, and material were locked away in client pitch decks, email threads, and job applications. In the spirit of, “Publish, don’t send,” I put it all together at a new website. Check it out! More on the process and behind the scenes to come.

Democratized gatekeeping

“When I started, I couldn’t beg a fashion writer to write about my project. But with Instagram, I took an open-source tool and made it my magazine. I once said to Kevin [Systrom, Instagram co-founder], ‘You made it possible for me to have a fashion brand without using the traditional system.’” Virgil Abloh’s words, via […]


It’s almost always worth giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. The experience of rejection, whether it’s as simple as a request to reschedule, or a long overdue response, can be a deceptive moment. Then there’s the bigger stuff: declined invitations or applications, missed weddings, missed connections in travelling. There’s no hint here; just […]

Practice improvising

The need for consistency, preparation, and routine is the foundation of a solid creative practice.  It’s also equally important to be able to improvise and adapt to work in whatever environment you’re in. That way, you can work whenever inspiration strikes. Your need for routine won’t become an excuse for you not working. Earlier in […]


Whether you’re looking to hire, or for your next career opportunity, try Craigslist (or Facebook Groups, or really any other job board or set of classifieds). Wherever people are, go to them. Listen. Respond. See Walter Chen on hiring from Craigslist, also Eddie Huang finding his first Food Network media opportunity through Craigslist.