Complaining vs. caring

NetNewsWire is at the top of Hacker News right now. It’s a familiar name; with a quick Google Search, I dug up an article I wrote over a decade ago for Guiding Tech that mentioned it. I didn’t have a Mac yet—I do now though, so I’m finally trying it again. It’s nice, and I’m […]

Same word, different meanings

Writing. Writing a blog post is very different from writing an email, a deck, a memo, a book, or a comment. Compare this with St. Bonaventura’s description of making books: 1. Scribe: Write the work of others, adding/changing nothing 2. Compiler: Write the work of others, with additions not your own 3. Commentator: Write the […]

Ivy League creative exercises

One day project (Michael Bierut, Yale): “There’s only one rule, it has to be done by 5:00.” (via #The100DayProject) 100 day project (Michael Bierut, Yale): “Do a [creative] operation that you are capable of repeating every day… The only restrictions on the operation you choose is that it must be repeated in some form every […]

Contentions: Viewer discretion is advised

Beware people and products that position themselves to create a problem; to exacerbate a discomfort and dissatisfaction in your present life.  For example, that job you were entirely satisfied with doesn’t look as appealing as the creator who claims to make passive income and is recording a video from a beach in Hawaii.  Usually, someone […]