How to Break a Creative Block in 24 Hours

Creative blocks are the bane of every person’s existence. These ruts could go on for a week, a month, a year, or even decades. After all, life happens, time gets thin, and expectations get higher. The most consistent solution is simple: to set a tight deadline, and to deliver something by that time. And possibly […]

The Discipline of Joy

If you’re one of the millions of self-employed, you might know this saying all too well: When you work for yourself your boss is probably an asshole. Susan Piver writes at The Open Heart Project, which I found via Oliver Burkeman’s The Imperfectionist: I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to force […]

How to Make Art Without Worrying About Money

In Toronto Life, Steve Kupferman writes of surviving an illegal rooming house in Kensington Market. I’ll leave the descriptive bits to him, but what’s notable is how he actually got out of that situation [emphasis added]: My landlord patched up the bathroom, but he never fixed the roof. The leak spread to my bedroom, forcing […]