It really isn’t always your responsibility. 

Timing won’t always work out right away.

It won’t always feel like this.

People don’t ignore or reject you, they’re living their own lives.

Things will not always turn out as you prefer or expect.

It doesn’t always get worse.

Things are constantly changing.

Just trying is enough.

P.S., One of my favorite pieces of advice was from Beth Pickens’s Make Your Art No Matter What, in which she proposes to separate yourself from your work. This was applied to self-promotion, in which you’re not promoting yourself—you’re promoting your work. Another way to think about this isn’t in promoting anything, but in getting your most important ideas out there, which involves working really hard to craft an opinion and refine and package your idea, and then finding contexts for it.

P.P.S., Depersonalization is another way of saying this. Not everything has to be personal; in fact, most things are not. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to give the other party the benefit of the doubt.

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