After dark, unfiltered, unbranded

Most content strategies (if not all!) could use a component where people pursue their own interests and explorations. This is vital to getting luckier and exploring new personal, or team, narratives.

Consider Swyx’s after dark Twitter, and Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s interest in writing exploratory essays. This is actually prevalent at YouTube, where many popular creators end up starting a second channel that deviates from their main channel’s subject matter, and probably goes more into their personal life or other aspects of their life.

GitLab used to run this as part of their blog, and although they discontinued it (it sounds like someone published something too controversial), the concept still lives on at their YouTube channel. In a corporate setting, nothing can be truly unfiltered for long, but the idea still stands: let people write what they want to write about. (Another solution could’ve been to fund a third-party publication with a separate name and brand.)

Some of them will lead nowhere—like many posts do!—but these types of posts also have the potential to be incredible starting points.

See also an interview with GitLab’s managing editor Rebecca Dodd at Revision, by my colleague Carolyn Turgeon. See also set up different surfaces.

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