Make your work the best practice, and let people copy it

People copy today. Incentives reward derivative work. Sequels, song covers, and newsjacking (including celebrity culture) are all signs of this.

The most constructive thing you can do in this environment is to behave the way you want to see more people behave, and then to promote your work and make it a best practice. People will copy you, and you will spark some version of the change you want to see.

For example, if you want more people to start writing and reading again, you could start writing every day. Take stock of the positive outcomes you experience (extrinsic results and intrinsic experiences), document it and tell people, and discuss your writing practice. 

As people learn about your work, your enthusiasm will be contagious. 

People will start copying you, and writing more. (And probably reading more too!) Both Amazon’s now-famous 6 page memos, and Stripe’s writing culture, are textbook examples of this in the business world.

That’s how you make change, at scale, in the business world.

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