Red lights

A red light is not an obstacle getting in the way of your destination; it is the destination.

You are constantly arriving at the destination, the place you’re meant to be. Even if it wasn’t the place you had in mind, or the place you want to go, you’re meant to be wherever you are, right now, reading this blog post.

When you give up the notion of milestones, obstacles, and interruptions, life gets more peaceful. You sacrifice the idea of progress, and are rewarded with the notion of patience.

There’s no need to take this idea too extreme. You can do both: get to where you want to go, and genuinely appreciate every moment of the journey along the way.

Sometimes, you may even get lucky; as you wait peacefully at the red light, you notice a different path that will take you where you want to go—more directly, more scenic, and more peaceful. 

You would never have noticed it if you were a ball of stress, worried about being late. Or if you made a right turn, then another right turn, to zoom past the red light. 

Keep your eyes on the traffic light, because it’ll eventually turn green. Then, it’s your turn to move forward.

In this moment though, the light is red. Enjoy it. It’s exactly where you were meant to be, right now.

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