Improve the interface

The best social media sites have incredible network potential, but none of them enable a really good creative process. It’s the same upload process, or just typing or pasting words into a field. 

What sites like Unum, Buffer, and Hypefury—and even Linktree (to the tune of $45 million!)—have done incredibly well is identify parts in the flow of attention, through social media, and help people make it easier. 

Unum and Buffer schedule content to go live at a later time, which means you don’t have to actually push the “Publish” button (an incredibly difficult part of the process, compounded by the annoyance of synchronous work of needing to actually push the button).

Hypefury makes a new writing format—Twitter threads—much easier for people who use Twitter. It’s so much better than Twitter’s own composer that people pay for it. And people write Twitter threads because the platform now incentivizes it and broadcasts threads to more people. I’m one of the people who use Hypefury, and I do that in spite of its horrendous name and brand which had repelled me until multiple peers recommended it.

If you want to share more than one link in your bio on Instagram or Twitter, Linktree allows you to do exactly that. 

It’s so simple, and there are so many more of these problems.

Sometimes, it’s even just an aesthetic thing. I loved writing in Windows Live Writer way more than the usual WordPress composer, and I know people who write at Medium just because its composer is so simple and well-designed.

Let the platforms and networks go mining for the gold. Provide shovels by building better interfaces.

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