Comfort zone

Going outside of your comfort zone is generally good advice. This usually means you’re pushing beyond what you expect of yourself, and what others expect of you. 

In the process, you’re improving your skills, building confidence, and changing what others realize you’re capable of. All of this will inevitably open up new opportunities for you. The reward for doing good work is more work.

However, at some point, the experience could feel like the expectations you have of yourself—or that others have of you—are too far beyond skills and capacity to improve. 

You might’ve been stretching too far, or for too long.

When you’re in over your head, one good solution is usually to dial your expectations back a little bit. This isn’t easy to do, and requires very careful communication. Sometimes, it requires decisive action, like Apple recently shutting down its decade-long efforts to build an electric car.

You don’t need to reset all the way back to where you started; just to a place your new comfort zone is. 

Or, you need to let the people relying on you—your partner, your boss, your friend—know how you feel, and see if they’re okay with you failing. You need to give them a chance to give you their unwavering support

You’re not going to rise to the occasion every time, and that’s part of the process.

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