Dreams vs. delusions

A dream coming true is a delusion that becomes reality. 

A delusion is a dream that didn’t become a physical reality. (Yet!)

If your delusion or dream comes true, you’ll look like a genius. Until it does though, you will experience a degree of loneliness.

In other words, you can and should expect to be misunderstood, even by the people closest to you.

You can make a dream come true, but it probably won’t happen the way you wished. Paradoxically, making a dream come true requires you confronting the questions, facts, and realities in front of you.

The path is very difficult. It will require painful tradeoffs—you can use the word “sacrifices”—some of which you wouldn’t choose to make if you were given a second chance. 

Nobody told you it’d be easy, and you probably wouldn’t start if somebody had told you it would be this hard. 

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