2.5 hours with Rising Green

The other day, I spent almost 2.5 hours at The Met with Lee Krasner’s “Rising Green.” The experience felt much less like looking at the work, and more like reading it. I took many notes, and eventually fewer, as the chatter in my brain quieted. I slept very well that night.

This experience was prompted by Jennifer L. Roberts’ exercise to students to spend three full hours looking at a painting they have not done research on yet. 

My unconscious probably knew what it was doing in selecting this painting; abstract expressionist art feels particularly fun to spend time with. The simplicity of this felt very calming.

This has been one of my favorite ways to spend time. I first tried it last year on my birthday, with a much busier and larger piece of work that reminded me of how much I loved architecture as a teenager. (How did I ever forget?!)

I have much more that I would like to write about these experiences. This short post is just so that I break the detestable habit I have of making my favorite ideas too precious, and not publishing at all.

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