Too big, too fast

I’ve got a draft of a post with a working title, “Better than SEO.” It involves what a venture capitalist named the “reversal of funnel” trend, where people start searching at platforms outside of Google. It started happening a few years ago with Amazon, and now it’s happening at TikTok and YouTube, and in groups and communities

The draft also includes links on how Google is dying, Joe Coscarelli saying he uses Reddit as a search engine, and proposing that many people add “reddit” or “” in their search queries for quality answers.

What the hell, I figure, this post could even sit at its own website, or lead to a directory of tools that are better than search. For example, I only look at Wirecutter for reviews; I could gather submissions and link to other sites like that, the best sources for each.

I believe that it’s too good a piece to just throw out into the world, without further development and polish.

The consequence is I’m sitting on hundreds of ideas and drafts for posts like this. They’re not all that great, but they’re not bad. 

They’re just sitting there, gathering dust, because I don’t have enough time to make them what they’re worth being. I realize how hard I’m being on myself, and the work. 

I don’t need to do it all myself though.

This could be the start of something interesting. Or, maybe not! Just putting it out there.

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