Meme as spine (continued)

The strength and weakness in audiobooks is how passive the experience is. For me, it’s easy to forget where and how I heard something; one trick seems to be in remembering the associated time and place where I listened to an interesting point, a scene that I was seeing at the time. 

In any case, that’s yet another perk to writing this blog: it encourages me to dig into the sources of my ideas. In this case, a few days prior, I’d written about memes being a spine for your creative work. I was digging around links and my web history, and finally realized I’d heard the idea in Sarah Cooper’s memoir, Foolish. She writes about pitching her series:

We put a pitch deck together in days. During our first few meetings, we came up with this concept of a news anchor having to keep it together while the world self-destructs, inspired by that great KC Green illustration of a dog sipping tea in an inferno. That’s what this super-funny comedy special was going to be about: disassociation.

Similarly, check out this interview:

With its echoes of a popular meme depicting a dog sipping coffee in a room on fire, the title, ‘Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine,’ seemed to sum up both her meteoric rise — the kickoff to a very promising career — and the truth behind it: Her quest for fame was unraveling in spectacular fashion.

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