Writing culture

Remote companies are going to draw in the most talented people.

As teams grow, they also need to spend more time maintaining communication. A team of 3 people needs just 3 lines of communication; a team of 11 people will need a whopping 55 lines of communication, and a team of 14 people will need 91 lines.  

The largest pool of talent is international; eventually, as a team grows, it will need to start hiring internationally. 

There will be very limited synchronous working hours; instead, people will naturally need to figure out how to work and communicate asynchronously.

Writing will be a critical part of this. Wonder Shuttle is currently working with a client going through the transition to a company-wide culture of writing, with a team of 200+ people. When I worked at WorkOS, the team used Threads to document product decisions and communicate asynchronously

Yancey Strickler, who started Kickstarter, found a different solution, which he calls metablogging (example #1, #2). It’s similar to blogumentation.

Similar to how teams are prioritizing security culture, it’s critical now to preserve written culture. Every team should have its own blog, not only for better recruiting, but also to reduce meetings, and for smoother onboarding.

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