What’s it’s name?

If you’ve noticed something interesting, do it justice. Point it out, and give it a name. You can call it whatever you like.  The fewer people who have figured out how to put it into words, the better.

For example, someone decided to take the idea of naming, apply it to business branding, and name it “category creation.” They made the case that Salesforce (cloud, SaaS, CRMs) and Microsoft (operating systems) are core examples. Confirmation bias took hold, people started agreeing, and now category creation is a core part of startup marketing.

What’s special about it is it’s normalcy; it’s not rocket science. A bunch of people probably thought it was common sense and said to themselves and each other, “Oh, that’s nothing special, it’s just creating a new name for an emerging trend. Everybody does that.” When “category creation” came out, they all rolled their eyes.

When you create a thoughtful new name, you also create an opportunity. You could contribute to a subculture’s lore through new imagery or ideas. You introduce a new cast of characters. You create an occasion for people to share your observations and opinions more deeply. If people care, then you have a chance to tell your story, and put forward your vision for the observation with the new name.

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