What would you do if you were a rich kid?

I really appreciate Donald Glover’s definition of what corruption would mean for his new company: “I guess corruption for Gilga would be when we stop moving like a rich kid.” 

When interviewer Mark Anthony Green asks him what he means, he elaborates, “Rich kids don’t do shit for money. They do things based on if it’s gonna make them happy.”

In a world that’s super commercially-driven, and where many popular independent social media creators generate their income by only discussing money, it’s worth considering what you make if money wasn’t a factor.

Once you’ve let your imagination do its work, you’ll put together a vision. Unless you really are a rich kid, or have the support of rich kids, you’ll probably need to scope it down. You’ll need to start with very small amounts of your time, cheap equipment, and people who are willing to help for free

The budget is part of how you’ll get creative.

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