If you have a problem bragging for yourself, don’t brag for yourself.

Brag for your work. Your work deserves to be bragged about, not because you made it. It’s because it will need other people’s attention and interest to sustain its life and reach its potential.

Brag for your team. You work with people who work hard, and have so many accomplishments of their own that deserve to be shared. You all need people to follow the work and get bought in. Sometimes—a lot of times!—it’s easier to see other people’s accomplishments, and much more difficult to appreciate your own. When you brag about other people, they won’t outshine you; you will create a halo effect and all shine together.

Brag for your favorite things, because the world moves at a breakneck speed now and will forget about the things, the people who made them, and the impact it had. It’s your responsibility to remember these things. Create moments for people to appreciate and get inspired.

If you enjoy making stuff, make a brag sheet. Make a story. Make a set of notes, or a log, of what you’ve learned on your way to reaching this accomplishment or outcome. Make a document of the ups and downs during this process. 

If you’re going to brag, don’t be humble about it. Brag proudly, gracefully, and with confidence.

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