Their currency, their rules

With the prevalence of loyalty programs, it’s important to remember: if you’re using a company’s currency (such as points, rewards, coupons, etc.), you’ll need to abide by their rules.

They can update their rules anytime with arbitrary guidelines and principles. They will often do this to incentivize you to make decisions or behave in their interests.

The first incentive is usually to get you to join their currency; to start to play their game. They will offer you some free currency to sign up. 

Another common incentive is for you to get other people to use their currency. They will offer you free currency to get friends to sign up.

The value of their currency can change at any time. This can be deliberately instituted by them, or it can be subject to other market forces.

Spend the currency wisely. If that company goes out of business, their currency will be worth nothing.

It’s worth considering your mastery of your personal finances before you try to optimize for a different currency.

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