Play to your strengths

It’s one thing to find a strategy, tactic, or best practice that worked for someone else. The internet is bursting with people sharing what works for them. 

It’s an entirely different thing to find the practice that works for you.

You are the most important factor in how the things you do turn out. For example, if you’re naming a book or a business, it better be one you like—because you’re going to have to be the one that repeats it hundreds of times. 

The same goes for choosing the market opportunity, developing the approach, or making the plan. You’re going to be accountable, and you might even be the one executing on it. Make sure it’s one that energizes you, fits into your personality, and plays to your strengths. It does not have to be a grind.

If it feels draining from the outset, or if you experience doubt and overwhelm, whatever you’re doing probably requires some modification.

Stop looking for things that work for other people, find the things that work for you. You’ll know.

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