Tell people what you want to do, and it just might happen

Tom Critchlow recently published his list of dream clients, and how he believed he could add value to them. (The post started as a thread, which itself was a response to this prompt.) 

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if some of these came to fruition. (In fact, I’m expecting that to happen.) Tom’s thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and expertise all really shine through. 

Here’s an example of how it could happen: I work at Figma, and Tom’s points on getting consultants to adopt Figma and competitive SEO both resonate with me; in fact, I know the exact people to talk to, and I’ll probably show them some version of this when the timing is right.

Think of all of the other people who have read—or will read—this. Like me, they might work in the dream client organization. Or maybe they know somebody like me, and will forward the link along. Or maybe they simply get a sense of Tom’s expertise, and want to hire him to identify some opportunities for them.

Either way, imagine another scenario, where Tom kept this list precious and secret. I wouldn’t have read the list, or known about any of Tom’s ideas, so I wouldn’t even be able to keep Tom in mind—even if the timing was right. 

Whatever you want to do, put it out there in some way. Sometimes, over and over again. You may find that good luck happens in a way that’s hard to explain. People are both more self-interested, and generous, than you might expect.

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