Switch lanes to expand your perspective

Once you get into a good groove in your work, independently or at a company, you may feel reluctant to switch sides. 

Sometimes, exploring an adjacent or opposing lane is the best way to better understand the lane you want to be in. For example:

  • If you’re an artist, try gaining experience managing or selling art.
  • If you’re a writer, try working professionally as a publicist, promoter, or distributor. (Or a critic!)
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, try working as a venture capitalist, or gaining employment in-house.
  • If you run an agency, try working in-house.
  • If you’re a freelancer, try hiring other freelancers or working with someone as a client.

You’ll gain an incredibly amount of insight, ideas, and applicable tactics—and strategies!—from changing perspectives. People will be much more willing to share their unguarded thoughts and candid emotions with you when they perceive that you’re working as their teammate, not as a service provider, a client, or as talent.

You’ll also find opportunities for you to bring more value from your current work experiences and apply it to new contexts. Pusha T’s career is a great example of this; his recording artist career and relationships set him up to work as a music executive.

This shift will expand your vision; you’ll start to understand why people were slow to respond to your sales emails, where their personal and business interests are, and how to stand out when you go back to your lane.

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