Stir the pot

There’s a special type of luck that emerges just from taking enough action; enough shots at bat

You gather a hundred pieces of information. You take notes on a dozen of them, and they find your way into your brain. 

One of those notes enables you to understand people’s problems. You talk to dozens of these people.

Some of those people appreciate your information and make a decision to do business with you.

One of those projects creates a good business outcome. Now, more people want to do business with you.

There’s no forecasting any of this; it’s just constant activity, keeping busy and refining the practice. Tracking consistent activity is one way to make sure you have enough structure in your life. It’s not the only thing worth tracking, though it does make sure you don’t spend too many days not actually doing anything.

Stir the pot. Sometimes, there’s no recipe for what you want to make. You’ll know when you’re done.

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