Put your name on it

It’s easy to hide behind a business name, a perception of mystique, or an obscure pseudonym. There are great advantages to this.

One disadvantage is, if you don’t talk about yourself, you don’t end up actually putting yourself out there. You can’t bet on yourself, because you didn’t even make your bet yet. (Paraphrasing something Rachel Jepsen told me!)

When your reputation isn’t on the line, people won’t think of you as much. You also don’t need to be as accountable; you can get away with doing sloppy work, putting out ill-formed opinions, and intellectual dishonesty. (Corporations get away with scandals all the time.)

It’s definitely not an either-or situation; you need to put yourself and your business out there in order to make progress. (Jay Clouse recently shared some examples on this topic.)

When you let people know your name, you also get a chance to tell your story. That’s the start.

See also, “What’s your signature?” This is part of why I just launched my personal website.

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