What’s your signature?

I recently came across Virgil Abloh’s lecture at Harvard once again. 

In particular, I liked his examination of his own personal design language; he says, “​​Your brain will tell you when something’s finished. And then post-rationalize. Make up something afterwards, or whatever.” That’s pretty much how he developed his design language:

  1. Readymade – new idea based on recognizable parts
    Human emotion, irony
  1. “Figures of speech” or the “Quotes”
  1. 3% approach
  1. A compromise between 2 district similar or dissimilar notions
  1. Signs of “Work in process” – again human interaction
  1. A societal commentary – has a reason to exist now
  1. Speaking to the tourist & purist simultaneously

His assignment—which students paid good money for!—was for you to identify the tenets of your own design language. In other words, to more deliberately identify your signature.

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