Moving on from straight A’s

Depending on how harsh (or honest or real) you are with yourself, you’re probably getting some F’s in certain areas of your life. Maybe you’ve let yourself get into a habit of eating unhealthy food, or you’re as calm as you could be, or you’ve let your friendships fall by the wayside. Maybe you’ve dropped a creative project and meant to pick it up a long time ago, and haven’t.

When you’re seeing F’s, the goal isn’t to turn every single one of them into an A; it’s actually to get them to D’s. At least pass.

Then, to get to C’s. Then, to B’s. Then, to A’s.

Along the way, you’ll realize that even if you can’t do the whole sink full of dishes, even spending two minutes to do a few of them is worth it. Even if you can’t be next door neighbors with your good friends, maybe one night out a week with them is enough. Even if you can’t pull it off every week, then once a month. 

Imperfect progress is still progress, and probably the most feasible kind. Sometimes, it’s only by learning how to get D’s that the path to A’s reveals itself. 

This is particularly difficult for students who are used to getting A’s and B’s in school; the goal isn’t to get A’s anymore. The goal is to live a life you want to live, and to make progress.

Inspired by The Greg Pass Strategy for getting unstuck by Tony Stubblebine.

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