It’s almost always worth giving someone else the benefit of the doubt.

The experience of rejection, whether it’s as simple as a request to reschedule, or a long overdue response, can be a deceptive moment. Then there’s the bigger stuff: declined invitations or applications, missed weddings, missed connections in travelling. There’s no hint here; just a misunderstanding.

Life is constantly happening, and people get busy. Calendars are full, and then unplanned stuff comes up and knocks everything over.

There’s no negative sentiment; a person just doesn’t have the time or energy.

Once you start forgiving others, you’ll let go of the misunderstanding. Your mind will be at ease.

You also give yourself another gift: forgiveness.

As you learn to be gentle with others, you also learn to treat yourself that way. You gain flexibility.

If you still want to connect, don’t follow up right away; keep your eyes open for the right season and opening. Support their work from afar. Reach out to other people. If you see the season for someone else, let them know.

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