Don’t live the someday life

In spite of the seasons in life, some things are too important to save for, “Someday.” Like, happiness

For those deferring happiness: bad news. The next promotion won’t make you happy. Quitting your job won’t make you happy. Learning a skill won’t make you happy. 

Dr. Hannah Rose wrote a great post on the proper psychology term for this, arrival fallacy

In that specific case, “I will be happy when…” is a myth. The best way to learn how to be happy is to decide to practice it today, in your circumstance and situation, right now. Keep your eyes for an opening somewhere, even if it’s less than a minute

That same mindset applies to confidence, and goals, amongst many other things. (For me, it’s writing every day!)

Sometimes, you’re fully committed, and all you can do is wait for the next season to do that important thing. Accepting that, and finding a way to be happy with it, is also particularly special.

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