If you can’t prioritize it, make it a practice

Some things are just too important to ever prioritize or de-prioritize. They’re things you have to do every day-ish.

The most fundamental example is eating, sleeping, and drinking water. Breaking any of these practices is simply not sustainable for your health, quality of life, or work. 

The same applies to practicing all sorts of other things—cooking, working out, administrative work, etc. These tasks aren’t fungible either; someone else doing bench presses on your behalf won’t help you very much.

“There’s an old saying that if you can’t find 10 minutes in the day to meditate, you probably need 20 minutes,” is a quote at Headspace’s website. Their point is, if your life is so full and busy that it’s difficult for you to make 10 minutes to practice mindfulness, you probably need mindfulness more than someone who can easily find the time.

Priorities work well for projects.

Practices work well for life quality.

For everything you can’t prioritize, make it a practice you do every day.
You can’t outsource creating a life for yourself; you need to do it yourself (DIY), and do it for yourself (DIFY).

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