Flexible habits are stickier habits

If you want to do something every day, you’ll need to be flexible about it. 

If you want to work out every day, do it all times of day—and in all time slots of the day. Have a workout plan for when you have just a few minutes, or even one minute. That’s not to say you’ll necessarily meet your goals with just a minute each day—you’ll just have kept the streak and habit alive when you need to skip your routine.

Same goes for creativity and writing; you’ll be well served figuring out how to do your creative work in seconds

I’ve been writing a new blog post every day almost 200 days in a row now, and I can tell you that’s the secret. Meetings that end 15 minutes early, and start 15 minutes later. Breaks between cooking. I try to write at least 5 sentences. An occasional willingness to reschedule things in favor of servicing a longer piece, like this recent one

Life happens, and inevitably sometimes you need to figure out how to fit an operation into any time of the day.

Improvising is the key. Scope down. It still counts.

See the marble of the day, and Katherine Milkman’s study.

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