Embracing average

In spite of what you and I have been told, and desperately want to believe, we are not protagonists in a film. We are not exceptional. We are not special. We are not The One. 

Even if we do have one competency or skill, I’d wager that’s pretty normal too. A lot of people have developed a strength or something that they’re good at. They may not be proud of it, but they’re damn good at it.

Some things I wished I could go back and tell myself:

  • You’re way better off making it easy for other people to work with us. It could mean starting a side project with somebody else, working together or hiring them as a freelancer or part-time. 
  • Also, just pay for good information. Buy the book, the course, the class. Dedicate time and pay attention to what the teacher is saying. Do the homework. Follow the structure. You are not smarter than the teacher.
  • If everyone is raving about something, keep an open mind and check it out. Try to figure out what makes them like it, and what you can learn about that person. 

Only by accepting that we are average—and appreciating the protagonists in films who are very average—can we truly find ways to excel.

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