Don’t let the name stop you

Naming your business or your project is an important decision. A good name will help people remember your work and make a good guess about what it is, a bad name will confuse them or worse—give them a reason not to take your work seriously. Julien Smith wrote a really good guide here, and I’ve referred to it often over the years. 

Of course, there’s a flip side: not getting the right name shouldn’t get in the way for too long. If you’ve been holding back a release because you haven’t gotten the right name for more than week, you should probably make a decision. There are lots of successful products and businesses with weird names that succeeded—Childish Gambino and Xtreme Labs are top of mind—and you’ll be alright.

You can also always change the name—think about Facebook to Meta, as well as Twitter to X. (In fact, if you make too many mistakes with your work or if you change the direction of your work, you’ll need to change the name.)

Give your work the best name you can. Maybe write a short list of 10 names, and try to make the case for 3 of them. Ask some good friends which sounds the best. Ship more work too, and your naming skills will get better with practice.

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