Contact list to database

One day, an upcoming recording artist named Rich the Kid discovered the phone numbers of really important people. They just popped up on his phone, and he’s still not sure how it happened. Through a technical glitch, he had inherited a key part of someone else’s database.

While he didn’t have relationships with or introductions to these people, the contact information was enough. He would call celebrities to ask to collaborate. He would use this contact list effectively to build a database of his own.

When he wanted out of his deal, he would need to pay $500,000 for a buyout. He cold called every contact who was an executive related to a record label. Even though only Manny Smith from Interscope picked up, Rich the Kid signed with them and changed his situation.

While the power of a database isn’t just in the contact list, that’s certainly a critical part of it. If you want to build your owned audience, do it in a way where you can keep and export your data and with platforms that offer portability. Back it up regularly.

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