Why Ye should not start his own social media platform

After Ye got suspended from IG, French Montana wrote that Ye would make his own social media platform. It’s an interesting idea, and he definitely could! It’d also be a risky one. Here’s why:

The main benefit to mainstream social media is visibility. Ye makes headlines in mainstream press every time he posts, which perpetuates his fame.

If he built his own social media platform (great for owning data and control, difficult to acquire users though—see Stem Player profits vs. popularity), he’d still need mainstream social media because everyone is on there and it amplifies his message.

For most of the time Ye remained silent like he did most of 2015–2021, he was married to one of the world’s most famous women, was still dominating mainstream music, and focused on making Yeezy Adidas work, so he didn’t really need to perpetuate his fame much more.

Ye is now going through a very public and painful divorce, independent of his mainstream music contract, and has had the WIP Donda 2 panned by reviewers. If Ye abandons mainstream social media for his own platform, his team will need to step up its traditional PR efforts (which Ye is not known for). The Yeezy Tech team would also need to build the actual platform and figure out how to get people to use it.

Again, not impossible. In 2010 Ye and his team collected email addresses when he was on the legendary G.O.O.D. Friday run. The team was also more focused on music and fashion products, vs. now with corporate alliances, the Donda Doves, Yeezy Tech, and Yeezy Home, etc

It’d make the most sense to stay focused on making the Stem Player efforts work.

Inspired by MrBeast talking to Joe Rogan about not abandoning YouTube for his own platform.

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