“What if I’m no good?”

Let’s say you want to do something creative. You’re not sure about how good you really are, or how much money you’ll make, or whether or not you’ll “go somewhere” with it. 

Would you do it anyway?

The answer needs to be a resounding yes. That’s the level of drive and sacrifice that it takes to even have a shot at making an interesting body of work. That’s the foundation of your passion stance. (And you’ll need to figure out a way to pay the bills.)

As Jerry Seinfeld writes in Is This Anything?, “I was more than happy to accept being a not-that-funny comedian over any other conceivable option.” 

When setbacks inevitably happen, you’ll remember that was part of the plan anyway. Because you just want to do the thing you’re doing. 

Again, Seinfeld, “Expect nothing. Accept anything.”

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