The smart thing vs. the right thing

The internet is riddled with so many posts on how to do things the smart way. You’ll see it in other words—“more efficiently,” “optimize,” “pareto principle,” “shortcut,” “insight”—etc. Effectively, it’s an acceptable way of suggesting, “Here’s a secret.”

You may also have been trained to keep a radar up for these things; to always try to figure out, “The smart thing to do.” Is a new opportunity worth the risk? What’s the payout? Will it get me where I want to go?

Doing the smart thing isn’t always the same as doing the right thing. 

In practice, you could be better off longcutting; slowing down, exploring, being easier with yourself. Letting the hurried opportunities pass, and gaining some time to actually think.

Even if it was the smart thing for other people to do, it’s still your choice to decide if it’s the right thing for you to do.

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