The Overlap

The Overlap happens when we discover what we want to do, and what other people need in their lives.

The Overlap happens when we find two skills that compliment each other well, and merge them into a new skill to tackle new problems. 

The Overlap happens when we create something new by taking two existing things and putting them together.

The Overlap happens when we choose to see the many things we have in common, and not the few things we differ on.

The Overlap is when a product fits its market.

The Overlap is when two people’s interests line up.

Sometimes, Overlaps can emerge on its own.

But more often than not, someone is actively discovering the Overlap.

Overlaps are incredibly valuable. Positioning, category creation, selling, recruiting, marketing—all business problems come from finding the Overlap and figuring it out. Relationships bloom when two people realize the timing is right, and decide their journeys need to Overlap.

Left alone, inertia makes us stay in our own circles. 

Good things happen to people who create the Overlap.

Always look for the Overlap.

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