The non-essentials

Oliver Burkeman writes in The Imperfectionist:

“​​In the strongest sense of the word “need”, you don’t really need to become more focused, or realise your creative potential, or be more patient with your kids. You wouldn’t spontaneously combust, or cause others to die, or be judged the moral equal of Vladimir Putin, if you never got round to any of these things. From a cosmic perspective, they’re extras: non-essentials it would be great to do if you could.” 

You may think that you can do more, or better, by forcing yourself. It’s not entirely true; at least, not for everything. You can do better by focusing—and appreciating that the rest of the stuff really isn’t that essential. 

Ironically, by recognizing the less essential nature of those things, you’ll ease up on the pressure you’re putting on yourself, and get it done (even if badly), and be lighter, easier, and more grateful with yourself. In other words, happier.

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