The energy edge

When you express something, you’re transferring energy (or vibes) to someone else. 

When you record these expressions—either through writing, music, product features and software, visual art, or film—you are creating media and content. It’s incredibly subtle, and subjective too. So practicing how to accurately communicate what you want to communicate is always worth it, so you say the right thing with the right energy.

Energy is incredibly persuasive. It can tap into the “Now or never” feelings that people muffle. It can remind people that life is too short, or too long, and that they should take action now.

Energy emerges. There are, of course, physiological and psychological exercises you can do to pump it up. The question then, would be why do you need it to get pumped? What’s keeping the energy from emerging organically?

It’s essential for you to believe in what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’re going to bump into an invisible wall or ceiling. You’ll need to do the work it takes to unpack why you don’t, and then to sell something you actually do believe in.

When you’re burned out and you don’t have energy, the vibe is hollow and empty. When you have a quiet, confident, calm energy, the vibe is reliable and trustworthy. Every time you do what you promise, when you promise it, you reinforce the vibe. When you speak in abstract terms, even with conviction, the vibe is confused. 

When you find a purpose in what you do, or create one, you ooze energy. 

When you behave like you’re better than the job you’re doing, you start missing the point. You’re going to lose energy. You’re not going to work for the company, you’re working for your salary, and that’s not going to get you very far. You need to find meaning again, to find a purpose. Or, you’ll need a new job (but you can only do that so many times).

Energy starts self-fulfilling prophecies.

Inspired by Kat Norton, Zig Ziglar, who defines sales as “transference of conviction or feeling,” and Austin Kleon, who says in a podcast with Todd Henry (5:07), “Books are crystallizations of thought and energy.” Also, Warren Buffett on hiring for energy, intelligence, and integrity.

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