Text generation

It used to be that typing was the only way to generate original text. 

By extension, you needed to actually know what you wanted to say before you could generate the text. 

Typing itself isn’t hard; the process of coming up with what you want to say, and then actually saying it, is the challenge. After all, you could easily generate texts through paraphrasing quotes, talking and transcribing it into text, rhyming dictionaries, etc.

Along comes GPT. Text generation is now just one click away, to everyone. It seems new, but it’s really not. 

The challenging part has always been figuring out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what the other person is interested in reading. 

You’ll still need to prompt GPT, outline what you want it to say, and provide a framework and structure for it. 

Sometimes, it’ll suggest a new idea that inspires you, or provide you with an interesting fact.

Sometimes, it will let you know what you don’t want to say. (Again, and again, and again.)

Sometimes, it’ll just be more effective to write it out yourself, because that was the only way you could figure out what you wanted to say in the first place.

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