Scripted, or unscripted?

A director leaves a corporate innovation lab to join a rapidly growing competitor, only to rejoin two months later as a VP. 

The reason for the boomerang wasn’t just the title (a happy bonus for both sides, as morale waned at the innovation lab after a leadership departure), the new VP had actually found that the environment at the rapidly growing competitor was too messy.

There wasn’t any process, there was a lot of chaos, and a reliance on judgment and constant prioritization.

If you’re the type of person who thrives in an unscripted environment (with quick decision planning, minimal planning, and constant change), join a startup. If you’re the type of person who thrives in a scripted environment (with buy-in, meetings, and lots of planning), join a big company.

If you’re hiring, don’t hire a person who prefers scripted environments to join an unscripted one, or vice versa. If you do, and they’re prepared to make the transition, make sure they have time to do that. It’s incredibly unsettling, but you could’ve unlocked a person’s potential that other people have overlooked.

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