Wonder Shuttle is an editorial studio that works with companies to turn their team’s knowledge into additional hires at lower costs. It’s a way to make an impact with content, beyond marketing. I started Wonder Shuttle in 2013 and publicly launched it in 2014.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked with Shopify and its enterprise arm, Shopify Plus, on various projects. One involved a fractional assignment at Shopify Plus as its deputy editor. I was still working with other clients at Wonder Shuttle. 

One of those other clients was Shopify’s core product team, which I worked with to launch the Product @ Shopify publication to document its product team’s learnings and journey, which was then known as Reiterate. (In spirit and objectives, it was similar to Shopify’s engineering blog, and I spoke to senior managing editor Anita Clarke here.)

The memories came flooding back to me as I was reading Stratechery’s piece entitled Shopify’s Evolution, to a piece I worked on entitled, “How Shopify Pay Came to Life.” The author Richard had already had a draft of the piece, so we sat down for 30 minutes and talked about it, and then I edited it, worked through some revisions with him, and shipped it at Shopify’s CMS of choice, which was Medium for simplicity.

Recently I was showing this work sample as part of a client meeting, so I figured I’d post it here as well. We also published our business results here.

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