Read your old journals

Writing a journal is nice, but it’s just as rewarding—maybe even moreso—to go back and read it. It’ll give you hints—or direct advice—when you feel confused. I highly recommend adding your own old journals to your reading list.

One helpful technique is to combine sources—for example, you can look at a journal entry from 10 years ago, and to see how your day looked in Google Calendar. If you back your photos up consistently, you can also go into the albums and jog your memory. 

You may see patterns, similarities to your current life, or significant differences. You may come across a gold mine of an idea (like Sarah Cooper did!). You can also comparatively read a more recent journal entry and one from several years ago, and pay attention to the differences in both your external and internal circumstances.

There’s a lot of great advice on writing journals, so much so that there probably needs to be more guidance on reading old journals and what to do from there.

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