Quantity and the long tail

A small amount of what you do is like to deliver most of the returns. When visualized in a graph, this phenomenon is known as the power law or the long tail. The problem is, you don’t know which amount it is; it’s impossible to predict, because the world is so complicated. 

Instead, the better approach is to set yourself up so you can keep making work. The goal is not to thrash, tread water, or just get by for too long; it should feel like a surplus, it should feel like enough. If life went on this way, it should feel good—or at least, acceptable. 

When you focus on making a lot of acceptable work, great work will emerge occasionally and naturally. Don’t try to plan out each piece too much; think less, do more.

You need time, energy, and good health and mental clarity to keep making work. 

The more work you make, the greater the chance you have of hitting an unbelievable result.

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