Practice vs. perfection

If you’re wondering if you should’ve signed that email off differently, or worried that you didn’t convey a certain detail the ideal way, or if this is your only shot at something, you’re missing the bigger picture. 

When the stakes feel too high, something is off. Perfection shouldn’t be the expectation for a positive outcome. 

If the stars need to align for you to succeed, that means you need more opportunity and more practice.

The fear comes from knowing that you have no other options, or you’re not as prepared as you need to be. Either way, you’d probably be better off building a plan to get more reps in.

Don’t aim for perfection; aim to build a practice that takes you the direction you want to go towards. Perfection will emerge naturally from the practice.

Like Ty Dolla $ign says to me, “Practice isn’t perfect; it’s permanent.” 

One response to “Practice vs. perfection”

  1. I definitely needed to hear this. The endless need for perfection takes away the fun from something that should be enjoyable but being consistent is what gives you the progress that you need.

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