Permission to ship

It’s one day until I ship something new. 3 things on my mind, in the hopes that each balances the other two out:

1. “For 2 frickin’ years, I thought it’s too early to release my app because it’s clunky, buggy, it’s missing features, blah, blah, blah. No one would ever use it, right? I was so wrong…. Even though they were working on it for the past few years it’s still slow, buggy, and super unpolished, it doesn’t matter, because they shipped….Their backlog of things to do is huge, but it doesn’t matter, they ship every single week, and the app is growing along with the community.” via Kitze

2. “If Apple can ship their $1000 computing tablet with no calculator because “they haven’t figured it out yet” and still be worth $2.2 trillion dollars… you can ship your shitty MVP you are still embarrassed about.” via Swyx

3. “I’ve always expressed that I hate that he lets people in on his process—Life of Pablo was the worst example of that to me, and I loved the project. Like, ‘fixing “Wolves.”’ I’m like, Why do you think that’s cool? And I always tell him, At what point do you think your fans just want a flawless finished project that they can champion? It must be hard for them to champion just you.” Pusha T via GQ

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