Most dreams stay dreams

I recently revisited a piece I wrote at the blog in March, “To all the dreams I dreamed before.” It’s a precious piece to me, because it was one of the blocks I’d experienced early in my life; I felt unqualified, unready, and undeserving to even aspire to do the things I wanted to do, so I never did them. Luckily, I experienced—and drove!—a change in the way I thought and behaved. 

Even if it’s in an admittedly small way, I’m living out some of my dreams right now. I wrote a book. I independently started a company. I hang around really great people. I work with some of them.

Most success stories end with some version of, “How did you get here?” I wish more people talked about the things they had to give up. I’d wager that it was a lot—and that it’s particularly painful to think about. One particularly poignant Ye line: 

“Some dreams stay dreams,

Some dreams come true”

It’s a mild inaccuracy; the reality is, most dreams stay dreams. 

And if we’re getting pedantic, most people actually need to make their dreams come true; it doesn’t just magically happen on its own.

Whenever a curious idea comes to me, I write it down. So I know how few of them come true; even when I write one blog post per day, that’s amongst over a thousand ideas that I have in various Airtable bases. 
You and I are human beings. In order to make just one or two things happen, we need to give up the potential of all of the other ones.

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