Making it happen

If you want something to happen, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to go make it happen

In the case of creativity, if you want people to pay attention, don’t let reluctance or a fear of embarrassment or shame get in the way of you putting your work and yourself out there. 

50 Cent writes in Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter that one of his less famous collaborators would get upset whenever 50 entered the room, because the attention would shift away from him to 50. 50 writes, “The problem is that he’d never fight to get some of that [attention] back, which is exactly what a star is supposed to do.”

This clip recently popped up. It features G-Unit near their prime, doing a spring break show for MTV. While each member of G-Unit performs their verses on stage, 50 improvises and climbs up to an arbor—almost slipping off in the process, his bodyguards support him—and delivers his verse from there. He never minded fighting for his share of attention.

In another section of the book, about negotiation, 50 emphasizes not taking things personally—a point that applies equally well to promoting your work, “You should always fight for your worth, but never take offense that you have to fight in the first place.” 

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