Make lists

Lots of them. 

List the moments and experiences that gave you energy, brought you confidence, and made you do what you do now.

List the things you’ve done with your life. List the things you want to do with your life, and how you can do them (Can you do a smaller version of it? Earn more? Save more?).

List 100 ideas to find 10 good ones and 1 great one.

List the reasons you’re doing something you don’t want to, and what it enables you to do.

List the principles you’re unwilling to break.

Quantify things. How many projects have you done? How many things have you shipped? What are they? How many words, or at least a conservative estimate (so that you can say “at least”)?

List your favorite works that you made. List the things you’ll want people who come across your profile to see.

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