J. Cole’s hard decision for an easy life

In case you’ve missed it, two of hip-hop’s biggest superstars—Drake and Kendrick Lamar—have been in conflict for the past several weeks. (There’s a Wikipedia page!

The inciting incident for this particular one was Kendrick responding to Drake and J. Cole’s song, “First Person Shooter.” While J. Cole responded with a diss, he quickly withdrew it and apologized at his own music festival. He became the laughingstock of the internet, with people saying he can no longer be considered great, even some core fans renouncing their fandom.

Drake and Kendrick continued their conflict, starting off with good-natured competitive spirit, and now escalating drastically; they have hurled accusations of domestic abuse, pedophilia, and yet another hidden child at each other. The beef is over—at least for now—and there is some ambiguity in whether Drake or Kendrick came out on top. Both legacies are tarnished, and I imagine each artist is preparing new disses and not in the most peaceful state of mind.

What we haven’t spent much time with is J. Cole’s decision to not participate (perhaps after learning new information), which is looking wiser every day. It was a hard decision for an easy life, and it paid off much sooner than anyone would have thought.

A few days ago, a fan spotted J. Cole on a beach, working on his next album.

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