It is what it is

For the first time in many years, I started watching the NBA playoffs. I just found out about Cam’ron’s show, It Is What It Is. The latest episode is here:

Everything I know about Cam I pretty much know through the big Dipset songs and Eddie Huang’s references (like Cam’s parody rhymebook). There’s a lot to like about the show though! There’s a catchy name. There’s the reinvention angle. There’s Cam’s and Ma$e’s rapport and the hilarious caps

It Is What It Is started off completely self-funded, and has drawn in offers for partnership and acquisition with its momentum. This resonates with my philosophy of going direct. Cam says, “I love sports, and I need to be on television… so I’m like, “Let me create my own show, not [have] somebody give me a show.”

Cam put the show out there, and the people watching it pulled it through the gates.

I’m a big fan of commentating (see this, and this, and creating on a continuum), and it’s cool to watch these two artists continue to expand and reinvent themselves.

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